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Hello, and welcome! This site has been created merely for informational purposes. This website solely outlines our plans for our new site that will succeed BLOX City. The theme and layout on this site is temporary - it will not reflect our new site.

Feel free to read around or check if you are eligible to redeem account credits and/or incentives for the new site.

Previous BLOX City users, read below.

Do you wish to reserve your BLOX City username in advanced on the new site to avoid your username being taken? Click here.

If you have purchased cash, coins, or membership on BLOX City, we will be offering a 150% account credit refund if you register on our new site. Click here to learn more.

Why should I re-join BLOX City's new site?

BLOX City, to date, has been the largest self-startup in the user generated content industry next to the other competitor. Because we have learned all of the mistakes with BLOX City, we are confident we can build a much better product than ever before with our new site and game.The new site and game will be released in full beta. All planned features will be fully done and beta tested, and then we will continue to update and innovate in the future based on user feedback. We aren't asking you to join and wait. We will have our product stabilized for you by the time it releases.

Because we had your voice to listen to, we now have a better vision for the site which we think you all will like once completed.

We encourage all feedback. If you want to voice your opinion, feel free to send an email to

We look forward to seeing you on our new site! :)